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written by: mario barajas

Crossfit San Antonio opened 1o years ago in 2007.   It was THE very first crossfit gym to open in San Antonio... hence the name. It's original location was off of Mainland Drive, but in 2014 the gym moved to its current spot on Glen Ridge. On November 1 of 2015 I became the owner of this amazing gym.


Why do I do it? The thing that drives me the most is helping people achieve things that they never in their life thought they could do. Showing them that had work, dedication, positive attitudes, and a do-not-quit attitude will not only change your body, but the way you look at life. Crossfit does not only make you physically strong, but makes you mentally strong which goes a lot further then physical strength. The idea and feeling of changing someones life is so rewarding! We show them that anything is possible. The more people that come up and thank me, or jump up for joy and dance because they did there first pull up, or ran there first mile without stopping, fuels my fire.


Crossfit San Antonio is a place where no matter the age, physical condition, experience level, or sport background you have, you will ALWAYS be welcome and get the best workout while maintaining good form and safety. We have the best community where everyone is welcoming and friendly. Our community is what makes us great. That's why we've been around for 10 years.

We are a drama free gym. Our experienced coaches will motivate you and give you nothing but the best. We are not just a gym, we are a family. I care about every one of our athletes because we are not in the gym business, we're in the people business. Our programs will challenge you day in and day out.  So if you’re looking for a gym where you will be greeted with a smile, no matter what age, or condition you’re in, whether you’re goal is to make it to the Crossfit Games, or be able to keep up with your kids we are the gym for you!







meet the owner

Mario Barajas is a San Antonio native, he obtained his degree from Texas State in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology. Mario has always been passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and started his journey into Crossfit in 2009. This passion grew deeper, and started coaching in 2011. His goal while coaching was to help set the foundation of motivation as well as inspire people to pursue the best version of themselves. The rewarding impact of changing peoples lives lead him to the calling of owning his own Crossfit gym. With encouragement from family, friends and Crossfit family, Mario Purchased Crossfit San Antonio in 2015. He is determined to promote a positive atmosphere for all skill levels, to implement the best programing to fit all fitness needs, and to continue to grow and educate others in Crossfit.


crossfit san antonio trainers

head trainer

My name is James Stringfield. I have been affiliated with Crossfit since 2009, when I found it as a means for training for the military. In 2012 I found the competitive side and pursued a desire to coach. Everyday that I come into the gym I have a list of goals and try to meet them. I love helping other successfully meet theirs as well. To me the community of CFSA constantly supporting one another is what keeps me coming in and happy to coach here. Looking forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you achieve your goals.


Graduated Hofstra University in 2013 with a B.S. in Biology. Enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2014. Joe comes to us from an endurance background as an experienced swimmer and runner, and combined with his military experience and technical approach to the sport, he instills an unparalleled level of determination and resiliency to every athlete. Joe’s passion is to help and motivate athletes to reach their full potential as an athlete. We look forward to watching Joe grow not only as an athlete himself, but also as a committed member to the CrossFit San Antonio Staff.


Outside of my passion for being a CrossFit coach I am a full-time photographer. I've owned and operated my own business for 18 years. I'm a wife of 19 years and have two daughters. I started doing CrossFit in a friends garage in March 2010 it was just a few couples that got together in the evening to workout. Our slogan was "this sucks, what time tomorrow". Six months later I did my first Paleo challenge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After the 30 day challenge was over I was amazed at how obvious it became that diet and exercise had to go hand-in-hand. After two years of doing Crossfit, I decided to get my level one certification in January 2015 and continued on to receive my level two certification. Additionally I have obtained my Crossfit Olympic lifting, CrossFit gymnastics, CrossFit judging, CrossFit scaling, CrossFit anatomy, CrossFit finding the flaw, and most recently Crossfit Masters certification. I am currently working on my CrossFit level III.


Stephanie was first introduced to Crossfit back in 2006 while working out at her college gym and periodically did Crossfit until 2014, when she fully committed after realizing how impactful it is to overall fitness. She is currently active duty military, and has found Crossfit to be essential in keeping her physically and mentally ready for anything the army has in store. Stephanie is incredibly passionate and dedicated to Crossfit because of the challenges and achievements that it offers. She hopes to help others achieve goals they didn't think possible.

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